Becoming a fundraiser for a cause you care about is one of the most impactful ways you can get involved. Whether you are unable to give a lot of money right now or you’re wanting to share your favorite organization with your friends and family, peer-to-peer fundraising is an excellent way to both raise a ton of money AND educate about a cause.

We have some quick tips and tricks to make the most out of your fundraiser and make the most money for your favorite cause(s).

1. Set a reasonable fundraising goal (at first)

Lead with an easily achievable fundraising goal and then raise it once you hit it. Achieving your goal is a great W I N to share with your people and will make them more excited to donate to your new goal.

2. Make the first donation yourself

Psychology, psychology, psychology. Make a simple $15 donation to your own fundraiser can do a lot to entice people to give. Believe it or not, most people don’t want to be the first to donate.

3. Ask for clear and specific amounts

Make the donation amounts specific and maybe even include a story/stat with them. For example, asking for $30 for the 30 dogs surrendered every minute has a whole new intrigue behind it than just asking for “any donation”. Really want it to stand out? Make it $32.50 instead.

4. Share with your friends and family using social and email

This may be a no brainer, but in order to get money you need to talk about it! Do *more than one* social post and send emails to your people to talk about your fundraiser. Also important when sharing is → 

5. Get personal + share your story

SHARE YOUR HEART. It is known that the more you share your heart, the more likely you are to relate to your audience and pull on some heart strings. Plus, when you really care about a cause, this is the easiest part! Just share why you care and why you’re involved. Your intention will shine from there! 

6. Offer help and and answer their questions – can be you or a nonprofit leader

Make sure you offer your “expertise” and passion to answer any questions. Don’t know all there is to know about the cause (I mean who knows everything?), direct them to a contact at the organization!

7. Get creative in your thank yous

Now this is where you really get personal. Of course, the organization will do their own thanking, but why not do your own? And don’t be afraid to get creative! Send them a coffee, write a personal note, or bake some cookies. Anything to make them feel good. 

8. Have fun

Maybe the most important one. Do not forget to have fun. You are doing this because you care and bonus: making an enormous impact. Bring a light spirit to what is probably a heavy cause and people won’t be able to stop giving to you.

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