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Join us for the first annual Together IN 7 week of service

Donaide, with the Donaide Foundation, is proud to host the first Together IN 7 community challenge. From Sept 17th – Sept 24th we are kicking off a 7 day community service initiative to support nonprofits and residents in Central Indiana. Whether you can donate funds, one hour of your time, four hours or multiple days, anything helps! 

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  • “I can honestly say that Donaide has changed the game for our fundraising and communication at Prevail, especially during 2020. It has been a life saver to be able to share Campaigns, Stories, Milestones, Events, and offer an opportunity for our supporters to create their own fundraising efforts in support of our mission. The system is convenient and simple, but the best part is IT KEEPS IMPROVING! Prevail has officially hosted two public campaigns through Donaide where our fundraising goals have been blown out of the water. I honestly don’t know what we did without this tool before.”

  • A very easy interface (especially considering some of the other sites I’ve used!) and externally, the site looks very clean. [The customer success team] has been very helpful in answering my questions as I continue to learn the site. Overall – it’s been awesome!

  • What a great platform you have developed.  Thought a lot about it and I think you have really nailed a great concept.

  • We had no complaints and everyone knew how to use it. It was really nice to have everything in one spot.

  • Once I got in the system it was extremely easy to use which is great, because I am not a tech guy.

  • I have reviewed hundreds of donor related software tools in the last 20 years, and I love it when I find a tool that is unique. For forward thinking nonprofit executives who are focused on donor engagement, you will find this very easy and effective. It’s a no brainer that you should consider this one!


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