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  • A very easy interface (especially considering some of the other sites I’ve used!) and externally, the site looks very clean. [The customer success team] has been very helpful in answering my questions as I continue to learn the site. Overall – it’s been awesome!

  • What a great platform you have developed.  Thought a lot about it and I think you have really nailed a great concept.

  • We had no complaints and everyone knew how to use it. It was really nice to have everything in one spot.

  • Once I got in the system it was extremely easy to use which is great, because I am not a tech guy.

  • I have reviewed hundreds of donor related software tools in the last 20 years, and I love it when I find a tool that is unique. For forward thinking nonprofit executives who are focused on donor engagement, you will find this very easy and effective. It’s a no brainer that you should consider this one!


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