About Us


We’ve Been There

Having founded multiple organizations, worked with thousands to help raise millions, sat on boards and solicited donations, we understand. Our executive team and advisory board have dedicated their lives to serving our communities for four decades.

150 years

We Get Your Frustration

Like you, we chose nonprofit careers with a huge heart and longing to serve, yet instead were met with a mountain of overwhelming tasks. You’re overworked, underpaid, and trying to save the world by raising millions and spending nothing. You know, the “no-budget budget.” Sound familiar? We feel ya.

14 months

We Know How to Fix It

We founded Donaide to ensure missions get accomplished and greater impact is made. We’re reinventing donor engagement by combining old and new school communication to build meaningful, long-term relationships. Oh and did we mention this will take less time, money, effort, and need for caffeine?!

44% of donors