Your Value

From lukewarm engagement to red hot results


Built for ease

Most nonprofits and do-gooders set out with the best intentions, only to see their progress stalled by the sinking sand of inefficient engagement, shrinking resources, and manual tasks. Instead of improving lives, you’re busy nursing spreadsheets, logging into separate platforms, and cobbling reports from data housed at various sources. 

No bueno.

You could hire another assistant, fundraiser, and publicist or… You could let us set fire to your donor engagement.

Donaide fires up your supporters, ignites fundraising, and simplifies your workload with powerful data and automations for stronger communication, reporting and, yes, results.

Built for more yeses

You know the kind of connection that makes you perk up, put your name on a list, pull out your credit card, and invite friends along? That takes more than a basic database of names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

Donaide captures each of your donors’ values, behaviors, and preferences so you can build meaningful connections. The outcome: donors hear from you in their preferred format, with messages that are relevant to their interests and history with your organization. No one gets annoyed by a call they don’t want, and you don’t get your number blocked… a win-win all around.

Single login, simple tech

Before Donaide, you’d have to log into multiple platforms and pay for various subscriptions to access a fraction of the functions, donor intel, and reporting you find with our platform. 

Donaide was designed to be your “easy button” — simple and intuitive, the only login you need for all things donor engagement. It’s like inbox zero for your brain!