Your Value

Simple. Impactful. Personable.

We’ll help you achieve more, with less effort.


Built for ease & genuine connections

We help you move past inefficient engagement and wasteful, manual tasks with powerful data and automations for stronger communication, reporting, and outcomes.

It takes more than a basic database of names, addresses, emails and phone numbers to fuel the kind of engagement that keeps people coming back and bringing others along. Donaide captures donors’ values, behaviors, preferences and more so you can build fruitful, lasting connections. You’ll also know where employees spend their time and impact, and what moves them to action.

Faster, effective communication

Anyone can create content and push out messages. But it takes the right approach to move your audience to “yes.”

With Donaide, individuals have a say in how they want to hear from you. We then automate their preferences, so they hear from you in their preferred format, and are never annoyed by that phone call they don’t want.

Single login, simple tech

Before Donaide, you’d have to log into multiple platforms and pay for various subscriptions to access a portion of the functions, insights and reporting you find with our platform. Donaide was designed to be simple and intuitive, offering a one-stop shop for donor engagement. We help you focus on only what brings you value, in the simplest possible way.

Better stories, more yeses

Our intuitive interface helps you convey your value in ways donors find compelling, easy to digest and remember. Put simply, we help you tell better stories to bolster connections and compel readers to act.