Core Values



Think of us as the “easy button” of donor engagement. Our entire platform revolves around simplicity: the idea that one or two clicks can shrink your to-do list to a fraction of your current load. Praise be.


It takes courage to innovate, sidestep fear, and do something extraordinary. We lean into risk, always tinkering, evolving, and cooking up new ways to serve you and the people you serve.


Our faith is twofold: faith in one another and faith in God. Each day, we are moved by our trust in God, putting Him first in all we do. We also have faith in our team, trusting one another’s abilities and having confidence in the work.


Passion drives all we do. It fuels our devotion to see our customers succeed and make real change in the world. It permeates our decisions and interactions, and draws us to those who share our drive to serve.


Think of us as your favorite uncle or cousin. We aim to cultivate genuine, thriving communities for our customers, and mirror the same inside Donaide. Our hope is that all who meet us — staff, donors, partners, and more — feel like we’re family. Community builds confidence, inspires, and ultimately changes the world.


We believe fun creates energy, stimulates creativity, and amplifies connections. No matter the challenge, we’re mindful that you get our best when we’re enjoying ourselves.