For Nonprofits

Donaide is here to make fundraising and engagement easier.



Finding the right people to support your cause doesn’t have to give you a headache. Whether you need to fund a new project, spread awareness for your noble cause, or target individuals who care, Donaide can make it as easy as setting up a wedding registry; you express your needs and donors give. Piece of cake.


The volunteer burnout rate is skyrocketing. Why? Most don’t feel useful or appreciated. Effective communication is essential to foster genuine, lasting relationships.

Donaide helps you connect with volunteers, have access to volunteer profiles to record their preferences and interests, and enables you to easily communicate with them. All for easy and insightful volunteer management.


Let us help you promote your events and make them more organized!

With Donaide, you are able to create event pages that link straight to your ticketing. Not only will the page be chalked full of need-to-know information, you can also find volunteers to fill open opportunities, add a fundraising goal, post videos, photos, and updates, highlight your sponsors, encourage donations, and more!


We’re making communication easier and just plain better.

Through Donaide, you can do the basics: send emails, text messages, and push notifications. On top of that, you can also know exactly how your supporters want to be communicated with. Whether that be through text, phone call, push notification, email, snail mail, or smoke signal, the system will take that data and automatically filter their preferences when you send anything out. Imagine, you can actually connect with supporters how they want, when they want!


No more endless researching, vetting, and convincing individuals to care about your cause.

Our matching algorithm helps supporters immediately connect to causes they care about solely based on their interests. The best part for you? You can now rest easy knowing that you are only getting people who truly care about your mission and are ready to make an impact.


Good storytelling draws people in – into your mission, your goals, and into the lives of those you serve.

We are here to help you tell quick and powerful stories that drive your supporters to engage. With your Donaide profile, you can have all your fundraising goals, needs, photos, achievements, testimonials, volunteer opportunities, events, program information, and more in one, bite sized place!


Get your people to engage audiences for you!

Donaide’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform (p2p) allows people or companies to support nonprofits at the click of a button. Our p2p promotes friendly competition and some of the best looking fundraising pages in the game.