For Nonprofits

Play a bigger game.

You could hire another assistant, fundraiser, and publicist to make your mission famous. Or you could grab a free Donaide account and see your donor base, impact, and resources multiply.


One dashboard to rule them all

Ready to put manual tasks on autopilot and ditch dozens of logins and subscriptions? We’ve been where you are: pulling our hair out, managing volunteers, attracting new ones, fundraising, and tracking transactions — all while short-staffed, with zero time or dollars to spare. It’s why we’ve made every aspect of donor relationships manageable from a single platform.

We make you magnetic

If social media giants can pinpoint what content will make you swoon, click, buy, and share, so should your donor engagement platform. Finding the right supporters is just as easy with Donaide. We’ll help you attract donors who share your vision and want to play a part in making it a reality.

Fire up volunteers

The only thing worse than no volunteers? It’s volunteer burnout. We help you counter distractions and disinterest with compelling, personable communications. With Donaide, you’ll have access to volunteer profiles, preferences, and interests to keep them excited and engaged.

Get your events poppin’

We make it easy to set up your event, get the word out, and keep things running smoothly. Post shareable promos, hype up sponsors, recruit volunteers, and link event pages to your ticketing for hassle-free transactions and reporting.

Better donor matching

If only you didn’t have to spend so much time chasing donors and convincing people to care about your cause… Why, yes, we can help with that. With Donaide, you can focus on other priorities while our platform woos supporters who are gung-ho about your mission and ready to jump on board.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Enable your biggest fans to promote you! Our peer-to-peer (p2p) fundraising platform allows users to advertise your nonprofit with just a click or two. Plus, accelerate giving by gamifying fundraising with friendly competition and easy-as-pie user experience.

Make donors swoon

The recipe for compelling, “take-my-money” messaging? Personalization! Donaide automatically filters individual communication preferences — be it text, phone, push notification, email, snail mail, smoke signals or pigeons (we’re kidding about the latter). Imagine, connecting with supporters how and when they want!