For Businesses

Leadership in Business and Community

Donaide’s platform is a fun and engaging environment to drive impact with your employees and customers.


Grow & track your impact

  • Identify nonprofits that align with causes your employees actually care about.
  • Automate tasks while growing your reach and impact. (Hello, reduced workload!)
  • Track and discern where your efforts and dollars yield the most return.
  • Match donations, track employee volunteer hours, manage donation requests, and pull reports on companywide giving — all with just a few clicks.

Raise $$$ for worthy causes & company initiatives

  • Put your moolah where your mouth is! Create fully branded, online fundraising campaigns for nonprofits or company initiatives.
  • Mobilize employees around causes they’re eager to support.
  • Fuel engagement with friendly competition and leaderboards!
  • Get the word out! Share campaigns with anyone and everyone.

Get noticed for your good deeds

  • Enjoy a boost to your brand reputation, talent acquisition, and retention as word of your good deeds gets around. (Your PR and HR teams will kiss you.)
  • Your Donaide profile is “findable” by your target audiences, showcasing open campaigns and the causes you support.
  • Brag about your employees! Real numbers and volunteering data attest to the difference they’re making.