Donaide Foundation


Mentally Powerful

The Donaide Foundation empowers people to live a life, growth, joy and excitement through positive environments and habits


To honor God in all that we do through community and positive action.

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” 

Proverbs 27:17

Our Programs:

Faith Inspired Peer Groups
Connect, inspire, motivate and engage with great people in your community. We all need the support of our friends, family, and mentors to push us to be the best we can be. Learn More…

Health and Wellness 
No matter your fitness level, we have a program for you. We know exercise and good nutrition is a vital piece of the equation to live an enjoyable life. Learn More…

Mental Awareness
Learning is the key to any stress-filled, lonely, or hard moment in our lives. Simple practices and understanding of ourselves will allow us to learn about our mental health and triggers. Learn More…

It’s no secret that when we focus on helping others, we are also helping ourselves. A world of servitude allows us to connect with like-minded, positive people.  Learn More…

First Responder Program
Providing financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual resources to SUPPORT first responders and their families. Learn More…