What is Donaide?

Donaide is your one-stop-shop for fundraising and volunteer management.  On Donaide‚Äôs platform you can:

  1. Promote events and sell tickets
  2. Host peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
  3. Crowdfund causes
  4. Create volunteer signups
  5. Track volunteer hours
  6. Update stakeholders on the progress and/or outcomes of events and projects

How can it help your PTO?

PTOs have a lot going on!  From teacher appreciation week to fundraising to coordinating volunteers, oftentimes PTOs have to go to many different places (e.g. Sign-Up Genius, Google/Microsoft forms, websites, etc.) to get the job done.

Donaide gives PTOs a place to post and organize all their fundraising and volunteer needs.  This year, PTOs have used our campaigns to:

  •  crowdfund much needed equipment (e.g. playgrounds, swings, and slides)
  •  sell family movie night tickets and host peer-to-peer events (e.g. run-a-thon)
  • recruit sponsors for events such as teacher luncheons and secured volunteers for events like recess duty coverage
  • communicate with donors about the progress of the special projects they funded
  • track volunteer hours

Did we mention parents have their own profile and can track their monetary donations and volunteer hours?

If Donaide sounds like something that can help your organization, then we would love to talk to you.  

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