This idea of “campaign registry” is a new and innovative concept that we believe will change the fundraising game. How? Read on.

First, let’s cover what “campaign registry” means. It’s silly for us to even ask if you know what a wedding and baby registry is, right? What about crowdfunding campaigns? Or milestone driven fundraising such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter? Well, with campaign registries, we’re combining all of the above. By mixing these concepts, we’re creating a way for you to easily fundraise, multiply your dollars, tell your story, and engage with supporters.

Through our campaign registry platform, you will be able to add ANY fundraising project you’re working on, big or small. Whether you need some new office supplies, a new safe home for women, or to fund a dog rescue, you can add it here. We seriously mean anything. You can also add as many campaigns as you want – that’s where the registry format comes in. Intrigued? Keep reading.

What a campaign registry means FOR YOU:

  1. You are able to strategically think about your fundraising year. No matter your budget, the size of your organization, or how robust your annual fundraising plan is, you have to raise money. Going through the practice of thinking about your needs for the entire year (or two!) allows you to plan better and be creative in your fundraising.
  2. You get to tell your story in a different way. We have found that one of the biggest barriers of fundraising is not being able to tell an effective and compelling story. Imagine if a supporter is looking for a place to give and they stumble upon you, who has 10 different campaigns listed – a new printer, funding a girl through your program, new job training for youth, funding a mentorship program, hiring a new Executive Director, etc. This gives people a much better understanding of what you do and the cost it takes to make your mission possible. They also get to choose what project they care about and know exactly where their money is going. A win, win, win.
  3. MONEY. This is a no brainer. It’s no secret that money is necessary to run an organization. Or anything for that matter. First, you’ll give various options for supporters to give. They may even give to 2 different campaigns (or three!). Second, there is a milestone system in place so your supporters can see the fundraising bar rise as they give. Close to a big milestone or completely funding a project? They may just give that extra 20 bucks to get you there.

What a campaign registry means FOR YOUR SUPPORTERS:

  1. They know where their money is going. And we know you know how important this is. How many people, mainly new supporters, do you have asking you for a budget or donation break down? Or just simply want to know to which program their money is going? When you make each campaign goal clear, this does your job for you! Your supporters should have no doubt in their mind that their money is going right to funding a new girl through your program, for example
  2. They get to hear and understand your story. As mentioned above, your supporters get to know you. You tell your story through the different programs and projects you’re looking to fund, and they get a better understanding of what you do to help impact your community.
  3. They get instant gratification. A big one these days. With technology continually on the rise and generations getting more and more used to the world at their fingertips, people want to feel good now. With a literal click of a button, your supporters will get just that. PLUS > (emoji)
  4. They get to brag a little! With instant social media sharing, they are able to brag about you and their generosity. I know, I know – everyone who gives is super selfless so doesn’t need this. But bragging for a good cause never hurt anyone, right?

Our campaign registry is a way for you to creatively raise money that’s simple for both you and your supporters to use. Want to learn more about how you can be involved? Contact us!