An estimated 30% of charitable donations are received by charities in the month of December. This is likely in part because charitable donations must be given by December 31st in order to receive a tax deduction for them. 

However, the power of holiday giving should not be underestimated! 

The holiday season is a time of thankfulness for what we have and a time for giving to those who are less fortunate. If you’re running a charity or nonprofit, you should take the holiday season into account when planning your campaigns for the year.

Read on for tips on how to woo your donors and put them in the holiday giving mood!

Remind Donors of What Their Holiday Giving Can Do

The holidays are an emotional, heartfelt time for all. What is more emotional and heartfelt than a donation that will improve the lives of others?

Facts and figures about how much your charity has received or how much more you need aren’t always your best marketing tools. Raw numbers don’t exactly elicit an emotional response.

Countless charities use the tactic of breaking down monetary donations into practical use. Think, “One dollar can feed two people on Thanksgiving,” or something similar. This is a better approach than using raw numbers, but why not take it a step further?

Leaders in business know that storytelling is powerful. Tell stories about the people (or animals!) your charity has helped. Be specific and explain exactly how your donors impacted others with their donations! Use storytelling in your ads, on your social media accounts, and on your main website.

Encourage Donors to Give the Gift of a Donation

Around the holidays, everyone is wracking their brains for the best gifts to give their loved ones. We all know that person who seems to have everything they could need. What on earth are we going to give them?

Encourage your donors to give their loved ones the gift of a donation! Set up a spot on your donation page where they can opt to make their donation in someone else’s name. In return, send that person a nice card with a message from you and a customizable note from your donor.

Start a Drive for Gently Used Items

Out with the old, in with the new! That tends to be the way with gift-giving holidays, right?

How many people are receiving new clothes, toys, and electronics and simply tossing out the ones they received last year? Remind donors that not every donation has to be monetary, nor does it have to come at an extra cost to them. Donating gently used items is a great way to boost your holiday spirits because you’re doing something kind and reducing your waste!

Regifting can feel awkward but when it’s for a good cause, there’s nothing to feel guilty about! 

Publicly Recognize Donors

Whether or not people are comfortable tooting their own horns, they tend to appreciate recognition for their good deeds.

Use your social media to give shout outs to your donors. This will attract the attention of people who are looking for a place to take their holiday giving spirit.

On your donations page, include a brief form of consent asking if it’s okay for you to publicly recognize your donors for their donations. It’s the ethical thing to do and it might just encourage them to donate a few extra bucks! 

You can also make use of a special holiday giving hashtag that donors can use on their own social media. Maybe they do want to show off their giving spirit! And hey, that’s extra publicity for your charity!

Spread Your Own Holiday Cheer

During the holiday season, you should have fun with your campaign! Brainstorm a handful of affordable ways that you can give back to your donors while gently nudging them to donate to your charity again this year.

This could include sending out a round of festive holiday cards. Or, make a fun video of the staff that keeps your charity running all dressed up in holiday garb. Put together some mini holiday gift baskets and take them to the businesses that have donated to you in the past.

Got any good singers on your team? You could even send out some carollers for some old-fashioned winter cheer!

Don’t Shy Away From the Tax Deduction

Reminding donors of the way their donation can be of financial benefit to them may not be festive. It is, however, smart!

You don’t have to use blatant tactics for this one. Include a small reminder on your website that donations to your charity are tax-deductible or send out a brief email reminding donors that they’ll have to get their donation in by the end of the year to qualify. 

If holiday cheer and the spirit of giving don’t move them, a lower tax liability will!

Give Yourselves the Gift of Assistance

This holiday season, make the most of your donors’ holiday giving moods! You might just double your profits for the year!

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