Fundraising is difficult. No matter how big or small the organization, it just is.

It’s very hard to predict the unique giving trends of people because well, they’re people. Most of the time they don’t even know when they’re going to give. This is why the job titles “Fundraising Manager,” “Development Director,” or “Executive Director” really aren’t for everyone. It’s a difficult, time consuming, emotionally draining, and (somehow) rewarding gig. BUT there are a select few who were made for this job; the ones who thrive in the unknown and love the challenge.

To all you crazy fundraisers out there, we want to help make your job easier. Using our campaign registry can be a new and creative way for you to raise money, engage with your current supporters, and reach a completely new audience.


  1. Campaigns helps you with your fundraising strategy. We encourage all of our organizations to think through their fundraising initiatives for at least an entire year. While some rock stars have already done this, we also know that most fundraising staff are wearing multiple hats and are just trying to stay above water. This allows fundraisers and their teams to think through and come up with creative ideas to get supporters engaged. While there is some work on the front end to think through these, this allows you to be more hands off in the long run.
  2. Campaigns help tell a story. How many times have you had a volunteer, a new supporter, or even board member (we hate to say it, but you know it happens) ask you to explain AGAIN what exactly you do? Even if this isn’t common for you, good storytelling for organizations is a crucial part of fundraising. With a full campaign registry, supporters can easily find all your fundraising initiatives in one place. This helps them piece together who they are supporting and all the amazing work you are doing.
  3. Gives people security. How many people have asked you where their dollars are going? We’re going to take a stab in the dark and say it’s too many to count. When you set up a campaign, you are very clearly telling your supporters WHO they are impacting, WHAT project they’re supporting, and WHERE their money is going. This can provide them with immediate security.
  4. Campaigns give your people a way to feel good. This is a no brainer. Although it’s not really talked about, people LOVE to feel good. We love to brag about our good deeds and feel like we’re making a difference in the world. And honestly, this is a great quality in humans! There’s something innate inside of us that wants to make people happy and that’s truly amazing. Giving allows people to feel good, make and impact, and make your day a little brighter!
  5. Makes your job easier. This may be the best one yet! As was already mentioned, adding a complete years worth of campaigns may be a little time consuming in the beginning. BUT we 1. made campaigns extremely easy to add and use for you and 2. once they’re in there, they essentially do the work for you. Your campaign page can be a place you send your current supporters, be embedded on your website, and where new people can find you!

We’d love to give you 45 days to try Donaide out for FREE and see just how useful campaigns can be. Interested in learning more? Contact us!