Giving is one of the most complex decisions you can make. You work hard for the money you earn and you want to make sure it’s going to a worthwhile cause.

Where do you even begin in trying to find those worthy? There are so many great organizations doing wonderful work near you, but chances are you can’t give to every single one of them. Research also becomes difficult when you’re needing to go to 100 different websites to click on 15 different tabs to try and figure out what the organization does. And then you have to remember all that you learned! By organization five, you’re probably exhausted, your brain hurts, and you’re ready to just throw in the towel.

Well, Donaide and our campaign registry is here to help.

  1. We believe in good storytelling. Would you agree that you are more likely to give to an organization who not only does great work, but also tells a compelling story about what they do? Good storytelling stirs all sorts of emotions, which ultimately leads to connection. Through campaigns with Donaide, organizations list at least a year’s worth of fundraising initiatives right on their profile page. Each campaign is packed with images, fundraising goals, program impact, and STORIES. In each of these campaigns, you can easily begin to piece together what the organization does and where your money would be going. All with just a couple clicks.
  2. You can follow organizations and campaigns. While browsing organization’s pages and campaigns, you can press the follow button to keep track of the ones that spoke to you. The organization will not be notified of the follow, so you get to secretly keep a database of your favorite causes to go back to when you’re ready to make a decision. All your follows are listed in your profile page where you can keep track of a campaign’s progress, get notified when milestones are reached, and easily revisit the organization’s page.
  3. You know exactly where your money is going. Once you do make a decision and give, especially through a campaign, you now know where your dollars are going. Campaigns are designed for organizations to give their supporters a place to give to specific initiatives they feel passionate about. This way, you’re not just giving and hoping it goes where you want it to. (Feel passionate about it all? You can also just make a general donation to the organization.)

Everyone at Donaide is passionate about creating better, deeper, and simpler connections between organizations and supporters We believe that’s where real change begins. Ready to give this FREE platform a try? Contact us!