When you volunteer you are sacrificing your time for the greater good. It’s one of the most noble and selfless things you can do. But we know it’s hard to do for many reasons: not enough time, not enough energy, and having no idea where to start.

Well, we are here to tell you that Donaide may help you help more causes. How?

1. A one-stop shop. Finally, there is ONE place you place you can go to find organizations, give, attend events, get updates, and VOLUNTEER. With our system you are intuitively matched with organizations – based on preferences you set and your activity – so you don’t have to search long for causes you care about. Once you do find those organizations, all you do is click the volunteer tab and voilà, all their opportunities are listed!

2. Searching by availability. If you have some random spare time coming up, you can search our system by dates. This will then bring up volunteer postings happening in your preferred date and time slot. Has volunteering ever been so simple?

3. All the information you need. With each organization’s volunteer opportunity comes a slew of information about the opportunity, time slots and dates available, job roles needed, contact information, and more. Most, if not all, your questions should be answered at first glance.

Again, we know volunteering is a sacrifice of time and that those who choose to do it are a special breed. Your time is valuable and we want to make sure you’re using it to actually serve, not searching and getting burnt out with the process. At Donaide, we’re ALL about simplicity, efficiency, and impact. Learn more!