Saying volunteer management is not easy may be the understatement of the year. Although your volunteers are angels sent from above, they are still unpaid, extremely busy, and have lives outside of your cause (crazy thought, right?!). Donaide is here to make managing these volunteers as easy as possible so you, and they, can be more productive.

First, communication is key. With Donaide, your organization will have communication abilities built in with your service. Not only will you be able to text and email your volunteers right from the site, you will also be able to see HOW your volunteers preferred to be communicated with – by phone call, SMS, email, or snail mail.

Second, finding the right roles for your volunteers is crucial. In your Donaide profile you will be able to list all the opportunities you have including a job role, description, and time slots available. From there, volunteers can easily sign up for exactly what interests them. In each volunteer profile, you are also able to see their interests and skills and reach out to them if you have something you think would interest them.

Third, keeping track of your volunteers has to be simple. Good news – with Donaide, it is! You immediately get notified once someone signs up for a slot and get access to their Donaide profile. You can export data from each volunteer listing which will show you who signed up for what role, and when, all in one place. From here, you can also easily send bulk texts and emails to specific volunteers, or even by role, event, etc., when needed.

Finally, reporting is everything. What’s your board always asking for? DATA. Once you have been using Donaide effectively, you will begin to be able to pull reports on a ton of things such as volunteer hours, demographic data, and business matching.

SIMPLICITY is one of our core values for a reason. We are dedicated to ensure that Donaide is always simple to use and exists to make your job easier.

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