Did you know that there are over 72 million baby boomers in America?

If your nonprofit organization is trying to boost donor engagement, you should never overlook this huge audience. 

Do you want to know more about how this generation can benefit your nonprofit? Keep reading to learn why baby boomers are an ideal target for online donor engagement.

Baby Boomers Are the Biggest Spenders

The most astounding baby boomer fact is that this generation controls 70% of the population’s disposable income. What’s even more mind-boggling is that most companies only allocate 10% of their resources to market to them. This means that baby boomers are a crazy valuable target audience whose potential hasn’t been tapped into yet.

Since baby boomers have a lot of money, this means that they can spend on a wide range of things. In fact, baby boomers happen to be the most charitable generation. Each year, baby boomers donate over $58 billion to nonprofit organizations.

They’re More Tech Savvy Than You Think

Everyone likes to poke fun at older generations for not being able to understand simple technology. The truth is that 9 out of 10 baby boomers own a computer or laptop and 7 out of 10 own a smartphone. This alone proves that online marketing to baby boomers is not a wasted effort. Millennials aren’t the only savvy generation, people!

They Have the Most Free Time

Baby boomers are at an age where they want to focus on relaxing and improving their lifestyle. When you combine disposable income with lots of downtime, you’ll notice that baby boomers can be quite adventurous. This is why baby boomers make great volunteers when your organization can benefit their lifestyle. Moolah and time? Win-win.

Baby Boomers Enjoy Reading

While it’s true that baby boomers are tech-savvy, this is still the generation that grew up reading newspapers. It’s important to understand that baby boomers have a long attention span and they enjoy reading stories. This means baby boomers will actually give you the opportunity to share your mission in full detail and then support your cause.

Baby Boomers Are on Social Media

Curious if you’re reaching baby boomers with those daily Facebook posts? Younger generations aren’t the only people who enjoy social media. One of the most impressive baby boomers facts is that 68% of them use YouTube and 65% have a Facebook profile.

If your nonprofit uses these platforms correctly, baby boomers are sure to discover you. Engaging photos, videos, and stories are a great way to inspire baby boomers to donate or volunteer. Even if they can’t contribute immediately, they can still use their social media accounts to communicate with loved ones and raise awareness for your cause in no time. And I mean come on, you know your grandma is the one sharing all your posts!

Do You Need a Platform to Boost Donor Engagement?

Now that you understand the great potential of baby boomers, you can get your nonprofit organization the attention it deserves.

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