Some neuroscientists think that social connection is essential to our survival. It is believed that we are wired to need relationships and be in community with one another.

So why has true connection become difficult? Why have our days become so consumed with the “rush” and getting things done instead of taking time to get to know other human beings.

At Donaide, we want to make connection simple and accessible. We exist to create a better community and deeper connection. It’s why our mission statement is “ to actively engage people to improve the lives of those in our communities.” Donaide was created to simply enable you to find relationships with organizations you care about and make a greater impact.

How exactly? Learn more:

  1. Giving: Giving money can be a big and complex decision. Donaide wants to provide you, a dedicated supporter, an easy way to find causes you care about. Through Donaide, you are able to search for organizations based on a number of different filters including cause, location, and open volunteer slots. This allows you to search for the specific cause you want to support that’s right in your neighborhood. Don’t know where to begin? You can simply explore organizations near you.
  2. Volunteering: Finding volunteer opportunities is finally easy! Just as you can search for organizations based on cause, you can also search for volunteer opportunities based on your availability. Say you have some free time this coming weekend and want to volunteer. You have Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. available. All you need to do is search that date with those times and all the opportunities available near you will come up. You can also search opportunities based on your skills (i.e. marketing, photography, fundraising, and grant writing), volunteer roles, and cause.
  3. Campaigns: Additionally, in each organization’s page, they will have at least a year’s worth of fundraising initiatives listed, something we call campaigns. Each campaign will be filled with information about the project, a fundraising progress bar, photos, videos, testimonials and updates happening within the campaign. This allows you to learn more about the organization and know what drives the work they do. This also means that you know EXACTLY where your dollars are going.
  4. Matching: The coolest Donaide feature? Our matching algorithm. Once you create your profile, you will begin to get matched to organizations we think you’ll care about. This is completely based on the preferences you set, such as causes you like, skills, profession, events you enjoy, etc., which can be changed at any time. Additionally, once you start engaging with organizations by giving, volunteering, attending events, etc., our system will begin to suggest other similar causes, campaigns, volunteer opportunities and events you may be interested in.
  5. Engagement: Now, the most important thing that all of this allows you to do is engage. We are committed to make communication, and therefore impact, as easy as possible. Why? Because we truly want to see the world a better place. Not only will communication between you and your favorite causes be possible, but you will also be able to follow organizations, campaigns, events, and volunteer opportunities AND see your giving data. You will have an easily accessible log on your profile with all the organizations you follow, including organization’s updates and missions accomplished. You can also see that last time you’ve given to your favorite causes, or when you’ve given at all, and a summary of your giving for the entire year, quarter, month, etc.

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact us!