Though Giving Tuesday is relatively new to the fundraising game, it has become a massive success in garnering donations. We all know just how much time, strategy, and effort goes into capital campaigns — why add another one to the calendar just because everyone else is doing it?

  1. Precisely because everyone is doing it. At this point, it has almost become expected that your organization will at least say ​something​ about Giving Tuesday. If someone has had a social media account in the last five year, chances are that they already know what Giving Tuesday is. According the the ​2019 Giving Tuesday Impact Report​, over half of Giving Tuesday donors donated through Facebook alone. The groundwork is already laid…people just need a simple means to donate.
  2. There are donations waiting to be gained. In 2019, $1.97 billion was donated globally during Giving Tuesday, with the median gift being $50. Your organization can decide how little or how much you will pour into this single-day campaign. Bare-minimum, explain on social media and in e-communications how donations can be made if people are searching for a way to do so. If you want to dig deeper, the following are more ways to capitalize on it.
  3. If you will have an end of year campaign, Giving Tuesday is a fantastic way to lay the groundwork. Given that Giving Tuesday is on December 1 this year, chances are this Giving Tuesday will be very close to your end of year campaign. Start explaining your year’s successes in your programs, among stakeholders, and more around Giving Tuesday. This is a great way to edify, especially through social media, on what exactly your programs are to donors or potential donors who may be newer. Strategize on how to best present your programs in a way that could help your Giving Tuesday be successful but also build up to your end of year. Giving Tuesday could be a great test-run for some of the strategies you’re planning to implement for the end of year.
  4. Learn from engagement. As mentioned before, Giving Tuesday is largely a social media effort. Utilize the opportunity to assess your social media presence, engagement amongst followers, and what is effectively communicated through your social media. Do you know that you’re going to release a new video for the end of year? Create a simple video, it doesn’t have to be Oscar-worthy, and post it. See how it does. Is there little engagement, only a couple “shares,” or a small view count? Either rethink your idea of an end of year video or plan on “boosting” your posts on Facebook and Instagram. This data and knowledge you can pull from Giving Tuesday could really help future, larger capital campaigns that will utilize social media.

Overall, Giving Tuesday is a widely-known and utilized social media campaign that could really benefit your organization. There is much to be learned, if not monetarily gained through Giving Tuesday. Have a clear

process for donations at the very least, but get creative and be bold for this small campaign. It could greatly-influence and speak into your bigger campaigns.​ Donaide has all the tools you need to make this happen!

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