In a world filled with devastating news and negativity, it’s important to know that the majority of strangers DO care. Don’t lose sight of that! Believe it or not, most people are willing to help you and your mission out. As long as they understand and trust what you’re doing. 

Now how do you build trust and understanding?

Provide Information

It’s important that you’re informative and forthright with your fundraising. When you’re reaching out to people who may not know anything about your brand/mission, it becomes especially crucial that you provide as much information as you can.

EXPERT TIP: Explain what you do like you’re talking to a 5yo.

State the facts in an engaging way and provide legit stats (make sure your provide sources.) 

Further, mention any partner organizations you’re working with. This may give you some street cred.

People are more inclined to research where their money is going, and you want to give them easy outlets to find pertinent information if they’re interested. If you make it too complex to find relevant information, you could lose their donations from the beginning.

Focus on Impact 

Another issue that contributes to donor mistrust is the lack of information on what their money is actually doing. How often can you get a specific metric on how your money will affect real people?

If it’s at all possible to create a quantified impact of the donations you receive, focus on it. Donors will love the idea of donating to a specific action as opposed to a specific cause. 

For example, donating $5 will provide a year’s worth of clean water to someone in need is more specific than “contributing to solving world suffering.”

Use Different Forms of Media

A simple post here and there isn’t likely to have much of an impact on your campaign. Video marketing is a key trend to focus on right now, and the numbers are pretty convincing.

As it stands today, video marketing has shown a 66% increase in qualified leads per year as well as a 54% increase in brand awareness for businesses that use it.

When it comes to nonprofits, videos provide a great opportunity to display the impact your campaign is having AND put faces to your cause. You know, pull on people’s heart strings. Showing the communities affected by your cause and potentially, the results of previous efforts will certainly boost the trust of your potential donors. 

Be Communicative 

Social media sites often display how likely you are to respond to a message or comment. To users, this is another way of gauging how transparent and helpful the organization is. 

Make an effort to be responsive to user, especially when you’re in the midst of a fundraising push. Not only will your social sites display those positive metrics, but your donors will spread the good word. 

Touch in with Donors 

After the funds are sent, donors are often left in the dark as to what their money actually did to contribute to a cause. Accumulate a mailing list of donors and keep them in touch when significant wins have happened as a result of their funds. 

That’s not the sort of email you just brush over. Donors will be excited to know that they had a part in making positive changes. 

The simple fact that you stay in touch will establish a degree of trust. That will keep you fresh in donor’s minds and likely motivate them to remain engaged with your nonprofit and the work that you do. 

Match Donations

Matching donations will lead to a significant uptick in the number of donors you have. Not only that, but it will also let donors know that you’re as invested in the cause as they are.

If you have someone matching each donation or at least contributing something, donors will feel a solidarity between themselves and your group.

Be Consistent

It may be difficult to generate donations or get support from complete strangers as you’re just starting out. This is a difficulty that almost any business faces.

When it comes to nonprofits, though, it’s crucial that you’re transparent, effective, and communicative, and that you remain that way. Over time, your brand will develop a good name.

Keep doing the good work and informing donors about the value of their contribution. Establishing that their money is doing good for real issues will make a world of difference for them. If you can manage to do a great job of maintaining communication, the value of your efforts will certainly spread.

That way, donors become your biggest fans and promoters, and there’s nothing more valuable than a personal endorsement from a friend to a friend.  

In the midst of one of your first campaigns, though, your marketing efforts will be the first opportunity for users to gain trust. What matters is that you provide clear information and links to sources. 

Need Any Help Along the Way?

It’s a difficult thing to start a successful campaign. Building trust with complete strangers is an art in its own right, but it can be done effectively if you’re truly trustworthy. 

If you need a little help moving forward, you aren’t alone. Explore our site for more information on increasing donations, engagement, and much, much more.