For Businesses / Individuals


How to participate in Together IN 7 if you are a business or individual

For Businesses:

Go here and select “I am a Business”. You will see an ability to create a free account. There you will be able to find the nonprofits you would like to support and help promote their needs. Business partners are extremely valuable to all nonprofits, so make sure you are a part of that impact! 

For Individuals:

Simply go here or download the app in your app store. You will be able to find nonprofits in Central Indiana that can use your support. If you don’t see a nonprofit you are looking for please let us know or invite them directly to participate. Send them to for more information on how to participate.

How to make and even bigger impact

Other Ways to Participate

Partner with the Donaide Foundation

Mission Possible Partner | $10,000

Mission Possible Partners are a core piece to the success and development of the Donaide Foundation. The partnership is not only about the money; it is a relationship to assist in programming, events, volunteerism, and more. People need companies and nonprofits partnering together to grow a positive, vibrant community. Together, we will promote our businesses “Doing Good Together.”

Program Partner | $5,000

Program Partners are needed to help develop and execute specific programs within the Donaide Foundation. With the assistance of program partners, the Donaide Foundation can develop lasting positive outcomes in our community and individuals. We are stronger together!

Member Partner | $1,000

Member Partners are businesses, community leaders and individuals alike. We need the help of many to help many. We can change the world, one person at a time. Join us in our journey to help those who want to have a positive outlook on life and make an impact.

Sponsor the Community Fire vs Police Dept. Softball

Presenting Sponsor | $20,000

  • All of entertainment plus:
  • Recognized as “Presented By” on all marketing for week of Together IN 7, & softball game
  • Jersey logo for Fire vs. Police Dept. softball game
  • Speaking opportunity at all events
  • Professionally recorded video
  • What’s important to you?

Entertainment Sponsor | $10,000

  • All of activity plus:
  • Stage announcements throughout
  • Designated booth area
  • Mentions through push notifications + SMS
  • What’s important to you?

Activity Sponsor | $3,000

  • All of supporting plus:
  • Recognition on all printed marketing materials
  • Branding at check-in
  • Swag
  • What’s important to you?

Supporting Sponsor | $1,000

  • Highlights + sponsored posts on social media
  • Event website recognition
  • Recognition on all virtual marketing materials
  • Banner branding
  • What’s important to you?